Christine & Jose Perez Wedding

October 24, 2014

A true beauty of color and richness filled this wedding at Bandy Canyon Ranch . We had the pleasure of meeting Christine over a year ago at her home . As we began the design process of incorporating rich colorful florals throughout her wedding , she had unique design in plan . Creating a vision of light bulbs for guest to enjoy . So off we went drawing plans / rough drafts / design plans , and as we finalized the details , we knew it would be a stunner of lights . As her dear father played a huge role in helping create the unique light bulb frames , it was a true labor of love as the final product came to life . Her goal for her wedding became our vision , with abundant florals , rich color palette , and ribbon & light bulbs galore we created a beautiful reception decor . It was a true pleasure to not only have Christine as our bride , but her entire family be apart of this entire process , including our dear flower girls who helped in the ribbon  cutting process . We enjoyed every minute of the planning and designing of her wedding , and we hope you  enjoy these moments captured so beautifully by our friend photographer Quinn LaCasse .Thank you to the team of vendors who participated,  Coordinated by Molly Stark / DJ Vince / ... Many more to thank !!