Vanessa & Kyle Wedding 10/10/13

October 10, 2013

It was such a pleasure to meet with Vanessa for the first time , she was a real sweetheart who had all her ideas and plans in order and ready to go for her consultation . Kyle had been on leave at the time ( Marine - oorah !! ) serving our country , so Vanessa had a support team ( family & friends & Trendee's ) during the planning process . It was our pleasure to take that extra step and be there for her with any questions or concerns she may have had . As the final days approached and we where getting closer to her BIG day , she requested we share with her all the behind the scenes shots of her day , from the delivery Pickups at the Airport ( via Instagram & FB ) at 5am to all the stops along the way . This actually brought her comfort as the days before her big day , which can be stressful . So it was our pleasure to share those images and videos with her . As the big day arrived , it was a beautiful sun shinning day @ Camp Pendelton , with all the clouds out of sight and the guest enjoying the beautiful sunset. It was our pleasure to be apart of our Trendee Couple Vanessa & Kyle wedding ceremony . We hope you enjoy our Trendee wedding ! Thank you to all of our vendors who collaborated to create this memorable wedding for Vanessa & Kyle : Images Captured by : FreeHope Photography

 Cinematographer : WonderlandCinema ( Video Link Below ) by : Garrett Ritchea